terça-feira, 09 de abril, 2019

Mexico: retraction affects the plastic sector

The impact of surplus American resin is felt in the international market of polyethylene (PE) but, in particular, in the shooting of prices in Mexico, because of your participation in the Nafta free trade block. As news the international media, the Mexican market has been invaded not only by resin coming from the U.S. Gulf, in the shadow of tariff exemptions and geographic proximity, but until Japan's imports. According to the specialized portal Icis, the situation converge for the sacrifice of the shores of Mexico's largest producer of PE, Braskem Idesa, also affected by the insufficient supply and unstable of ethane from the Pemex State, also producer of the polymer to a lesser scale. To complicate the tangle, the Mexican processing sales are retreating for the first time in 10 years, as attested Aldimir Torres, President of the organization Asociación Nacional de Industrias del Plastic AC (Anipac) the American Plastics News newspaper. The manager assigns the decline the energy and gasoline costs, excess imports of processed fuel shortages, teachers lock strikers rail freight between the port of Lazarus to the State of Michoacan, various industries " maquiladoras ".
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