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Connectivity in the field will be frontier expansion of Teles

With an eye on agribusiness demand, telephony operators are taking connectivity solutions to the field. Increased coverage area also brings perspective of new markets for mobiles and mobile internet. "The great challenge of agribusiness in Brazil is to make use of new technologies in machinery and equipment. For this to work effectively, it takes connectivity, which does not exist in all productive areas. The idea is to cover this hole, "said Embratel's Internet business director, Eduardo Polidoro. He explains that the Claro Brazil group has been developing projects directly with rural producers. "We operate to bring customers transmission towers and even solar energy solutions if there is no electric power available on site." The connectivity and Internet of things solutions enable the agribusiness remote access and sending information of equipment, such as tractors and harvesters, allowing to monitor the behavior and production of planting and harvesting. Polidoro counts that in addition to large producers, the projects contemplate cooperatives. "We work in a way that can be operated by means of a monthly payment model."
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