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Pet market: How the Adhesives industry inserts into it

According to the U.S. Pet Market Outlook Packaged Facts Survey, held between 2018-2019, the sales of the pets industry in the United States amounted to around US $86 billion. No wonder, this industry has presented a gradual increase in recent years, due to an increase in homes where dogs and cats live and a cultural change in the way consumers treat their pets. In Brazil is not different, recently the turnover of this market has grown steadily and the estimation of the Pet Institute Brazil is that more than R $25 billion have circulated in 2017. The most recent data from IBGE in relation to this industry, dating back to 2013, already pointed to an optimistic scenario – at the time there were already 132 million pets. In fact, the country has the fourth largest population of pets in the world, according to a survey by Euromonitor, and occupies the third largest position in revenues, 5.14% of the world share. Within this niche, the sector that moves the most money is undoubtedly the food, which represents more than half of the revenues. Food does not only represent foods, but also own and varied packaging. It is precisely in this market that H.B. Fuller enters and is gaining space in the gondolas of pet shops. The line of the company specializing in the subject is called Flextra SL-332/R-408 and is the brand Plexbond, a company acquired by H.B. Fuller. These are adhesives without solvent and high performance, compatible with a wide variety of materials and substrates, found in specific packaging for "pet food", such as LLDPE, PET, metalized PET, polypropylene, nylon and aluminum. "Our biggest concern in product development goes beyond providing a good finish to the packaging, but ensuring greater safety for the pet animal's health," says Edson Quevedo, Latin America business Director at H.B. Fuller. He explains that one of the main uses of the line is in premium food brands for dogs and cats and that has increased the high performance laminate interest: "Flexible packaging that allows for high quality graphics, resistance to drilling and protection For these more expensive products, which can present consumer conveniences as closing mechanisms. "
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