Thursday, April 16, 2015

COAMO launches products derived from wheat

The Coamo, through the brands that make up the food line of the cooperative, Coamo, Primê, Anniela, Sollus and Dualis, is participating in the 34th Edition of the Mercosuper, one of the largest supermarket in the country fairs held by the Association of Supermarkets. The opening event was held at Expotrade Events Center on Tuesday (14/04), in Pinhais, Curitiba metropolitan region and was attended by authorities, supermarket, among other professionals.
During the event, Coamo is launching products derived from wheat, namely, mixes for cakes of various flavours, mixes for breads, special flours for French bread, pastry, pizza and fresh and dry pasta and wholemeal flour. "The new wheat mill of Coamo allows the increase of the product portfolio. For more than a year is being developed the Coamo Line Easy with mixes for cakes and loaves of bread, which is so named because it will already pre-prepared to bakery industries and processing in General, in addition to the small businessman. In addition, Coamo is launching specific meal that improve the final product, and comes to meet the different tastes of the consumer, "says the Superintendent of Coamo, Alcir Jose Goldoni.
According to Superintendent Industrial Coamo, Divaldo Correa, wheat mill of Coamo is in operation and adding more products line of Coamo. "We began production on March 5, 15 days after this beginning, was already with the capacity met, of 20.8 tons/hour, and we installed more equipment so that at most 30 days, have the entire portfolio serviced for new products. The Coamo when he designed this project, sought to maintain its quality mark, building more wheat mill technology in South America, and that will allow us to a versatility to the future production of more types of products, in view of the diverse applications of flour ", considers Correa.
The new President of APRŠÂ, Pedro Zoanir Zonta, who takes over on Thursday the next administration of the Association, praised the performance of Coamo. "All supermarket of Paraná, have food Coamo, which demonstrates very well done work that is being carried out by the commercial area of Coamo and also by product quality, very well accepted by the consumer. I while I can say without a doubt, supermarket the paranaense is a people demanding and Coamo products has a great acceptance, "she says.
According to the Governor of Paraná, Beto Richa, who was also at the opening of the event, the Coamo is a point of pride for the State. "I have a great respect for cooperatives and my Government supports direct and decisive way the cooperatives. In the case of Coamo, in some specific industries is the world's largest, have working side by side, so that there is always the expansion of production, strengthening the State's interior and the agro-industry. So the Coamo is to be congratulated for a breakneck growth over the years and is a source of pride for the people "celebrates Richa.
According to the President of Coamo, Chandan Gallassini, the Coamo participates many years ago the Mercosuper exposing the industrialized products of your membership. "This is an event that we participate with great satisfaction, where we aim to strengthen our partnerships and prospect new customers. In addition, we always try to bring release and show to our partners the quality of our products. Is the cooperative production of value-added Coamo being exposed and increasingly known in the country ", emphasizes Gallassini.
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