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Car sales rise 11% in the semester; Check out the best sellers

Car sales grew 11.2% in the first semester, according to data from the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave). In the period, 1,060,000 units were emplacated in the country, and once again the Compact Onyx, Chevrolet, led the ranking of top sellers. The HB20 appears in second place, followed by the Ford Ka. The model of General Motors has been in the sales leadership of the Brazilian market since 2015. In the accumulated from January to June of this year, the Automaer had more than twice the number of units of the Onyx in relation to the second place, about 116,000 vehicles. Hyundai sold 52000 units of the HB20 in the period. GM Records good retail performance, but it also emerges with strong operations in the corporate segment, known as direct sales – when trading is done directly between automakers and companies, including fleet owners. In the first semester, GM led the market for direct sales of automobiles, with almost 20% market share. Volkswagen comes next with 16% and then Renault, with 12%. The direct sales bet grew mainly during the strong economic crisis of recent years in the country. To maintain the pace of production lines, several brands turned to the corporate segment to drain stocked volumes. See top-selling models of the first semester in the country 1 – Onyx, Da GM 2 – HB20, from Hyundai 3 – Ka, Ford 4 – Prism, GM 5 – Kwid, Renault 6 – Gol, Volkswagen 7 – Argo, Fiat 8 – Renegade, Jeep 9 – Polo, from Volkwagen 10 – Compass, from the Jeep Sports Utilities The SUVs continue to grow in the Brazilian market. The models of Jeep, Renegade and Compass, are among the top ten sellers in the country and the versions of Nissan (Kicks) and Hyundai (Crete) come up in the ranking of sales of sports utilities. The segment has attracted so much attention from the automakers that no one wants to stay out. It is the case of Volkswagen, which recently launched an SUV produced in São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná: T-Cross. "This release has helped us to gain important volumes in the Brazilian market," says Gustavo Schmidt, vice president of sales and marketing at Volkswagen do Brasil. Check out the best-selling SUVs of the semester 1 – Renegade, Jeep 2 – Compass, from the Jeep 3 – Kicks, Nissan 4 – Crete, Hyundai 5 – Honda's HR-V 6 – EcoSport, Ford 7 – Captur, Renault 8 – Duster, Renault 9 – Tracker, GM 10 – T-Cross, Volkswagen
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