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About Datamark

With more than 25 years of experience, DATAMARK specializes in providing information systems that cover the consumer goods, packaging and industrial inputs industries. Of Brazilian origin, the company was founded in 1982 in order to fill the gap of packaging data in Brazil in order to meet the unmet demand for market intelligence of packaging converters and end users.

Today, DATAMARK offers two information systems: BrazilFocus, renowned consumer goods and packaging study covering consumption of over 400 product categories and all major types of consumer good packaging in Brazil; and CostDrivers, a procurement tool designed to track and project price variations of commodities and industrial inputs in over 15 countries.

Our role is to help you and your company execute important decision making based on relevant and credible data that assure strategic planning with confidence.



To facilitate strategic decision making in the consumer goods and packaging industries through the supply of innovative, structured and reliable data systems.


To be the reference in Brazil for analysis of the consumer goods and packaging industies.


Impartiality DATAMARK is an independent source of data collection and analysis related to the consumer goods and packaging industries in Brazil.

Research Methodology

For the last 30 years, DATAMARK's principal activity has been the collection of data on the consumption of packaging from users of packaging. Every year we send questionnaires to the major packaging users in Brazil who mostly respond. For those users who do not respond for any reason, the system estimates the data based on data compiled in previous years and other sources. Aditionally we investigate the packaging industry to obtain comparative data with that of the users (cross checking).

The data is used each year to estimate the total market for each product category as well as the packaging for each material.

Complementing this work, we carry out a survey by telephone or e-mail (desk research) of all available sources of market data to better assess the trend of each product category. The goal is to have at least two sources of reference for comparison. The information used includes data from the following sources: IBGE, SIPA, trade associations, industry and other sources of information within and outside Brazil.

After reviewing the data available and, depending on its reliability, we select the data that more closely matches our view of the trend of each product category. We cite the sources where we use original data. Data from these sources is compared with the packaging research data and adjusted as appropriate.

We aim to provide data on packaged products and packaging used as realistically as possible.

Our commitment is not to disclose company's individual data to third parties.